Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dissertation & Thesis Writing Services by ELK India

Dissertations and thesis are vital documents that a research scholar, pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree, needs to complete. To help the researchers from various universities, Dissertation India provides comprehensive services. These include Dissertation writing services, apart from editing and proofreading services.

Avast talent pool of 400 writers and editorsprovidethe service. The professionals associated with Dissertation India are subject matter experts. Many of them are dedicated writers, while some of them are freelancers. Such resources insure that the delivery of work is done on time and is taken up by the person bestsuited to the topic. Being knowledgeable in their specialised fields, they provide meaningful topic choices and references for the literature review.

The dissertation writing service provides direct contact between the researcher and the writers. This enables constant feedback, so that the scholar is updated about the work being done on his research project. In case, there is any matter which is ambiguous, it can be directly explained to the scholar by the writers. Moreover, there are PhD statisticians, who assist with the statistical research part of the dissertation.
The next step, after writing and editing, is thesis proofreading by professional proof readers. Theygo through the matter in depth to remove errors, and even check the language and continuity of the document. Instead of just matching the work against the draft document, they provide value addition to the theses.

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